Couples Save Jack Russell Terrier In The Gulf Of Mexico

Everyone loves birthday traditions. As their way to celebrate, these two couples enjoyed spending time together on the Gulf of Mexico doing some fishing. They never expected to haul in this cute catch… a Jack Russell Terrier!

The four friends were out in the Gulf about five miles from shore. One of them, Bruce, noticed something in the water. As they steered the boat closer they realized it was a dog in a life vest! When the little guy noticed the boat, he began to swim toward them.

Once the couples had the pooch aboard, they radioed the Coast Guard. They learned that this small family pet had been lost-at-sea for almost three hours. It seems the owner had needed to go below deck and, when he returned, his beloved friend was nowhere to be found. The owner stated, “I had given up.”

Back on land, this party of birthday celebrants got to give a gift, instead of receiving one. They were greeted by shouts of “Jagermeister!” Judging by the joyous reaction of their furry first-mate, they decided that must be his name, and the man screaming it, his owner.

saves dog gulf of mexico

The two were quickly reunited, and it was truly a celebration. Jagermeister’s owner, Shawn Sahr, shared, “…it’s my baby, and I’m just so glad!”

Thanks to a caring group of people being in the right place at the right time, and to the owner placing his pup in a life vest, this story has a happy ending. As the summer approaches and water sports become more accessible, this story reminds us all to look out for the safety of all those we love – especially the four-legged ones.

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source: wimp