Her Dog Was Acting Strange. Now Watch What Mom Pulls From Behind The DVD Player.

tiny and lucky

When a litter of kittens was found abandoned by their mother in a dumpster, an unexpected “mother” stepped up to take care of one of the kittens named Lucky. Lucky’s foster mom initially fed him a syringe full of sugar milk.

On the first night, Mom placed the weak, malnourished kitten on the couch. That’s when her dog, Tink, jumped up to lay close to Lucky, and it looked as though she was dry nursing the kitten (since Tink did not have puppies of her own). But later, Mom realized there was actual milk coming out!

Ever since then she’s taken over like it was her own puppy,” she told the Herald-Times.

It didn’t take long for Tink to warm up to her new feline kid. Soon, she was feeding him, cleaning him, and even carrying him around the house in her mouth so as to protect Lucky.

At first, Mom told her kids not to get too attached to the cat because it was just a temporary set-up, but once Tink took over, she knew she couldn’t take Lucky away from the protective new canine mother.

Though this story is sweet and simple, it does an incredible job of proving the power of motherly instinct. Despite the fact the kitten isn’t Tink’s and doesn’t carry the scent of a canine, her urge to take on the role of mother is greater than anything else.

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