This Guy Quit His Job And Went Kayaking Around The World With His Dog

quit job to kayak the world with dog

Admit it – quitting your job and traveling the world with your dog sounds like heaven. Not too many people are brave enough to actually make it happen, though.

But every now and then, we come across a person who is! This time around, we’re given a peek inside the adventurous life of Sergi Basoli, a man who quit his job to kayak the Mediterranean Sea with his dog.

According to his post on Bored Panda, Basoli started his journey in Barcelona three years ago. Along the way, he discovered a dog, who he named Nirvana, and has since traveled over 3,000 miles using only a kayak.

Quit my job to travel the sea by kayak. From my home town, Barcelona, till Sicily along the coastline and many many islands. I have paddled over 5.000 km within 3 years. Slow enough to not miss too much.

Together they’ve discovered the different cultures, foods, and places the world has to offer. Sure, not generating a paycheck every week might sting a bit, but these memories are priceless!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Meet Sergi Basoli and his dog Nirvana!

About three years ago, Basoli quit his job, hopped in his kayak and never looked back.

Since then, he discovered Nirvana and took him along for the journey.

Nearly 3,000 miles later, Basoli and Nirvana are still going strong.

Their adventure first began in Barcelona.

As you can see here, Nirvana helps out with some of the dirty work, too!

So far, Basoli and Nirvana have remained along the Mediterranean Coast without any plans on when or where their adventure will end.

I wouldn’t be surprised if his journey never ended. I mean, how could this ever get old?!

Despite how awesome Basoli’s decision is to see the world rather than sit behind a desk all day, it isn’t an easy lifestyle to live!

According to his blog, Basoli and Nirvana sleep on a different beach every night of the week. If this isn’t the most peaceful way to rest, I’m not sure what is.

Not to mention, the only people they’ve interacted with are friends they’ve met along the way.

Oh, and animal friends, too!

Basoli’s story proves that the power of change is in your hands. You’re the only person who can find your happiness – even if it means traveling the Mediterranean coast by kayak with your dog!

Sure, there will be a few cold, rainy nights…

…and a few stressful days…

…but in the end, the memories will all be worth it!

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quit job to kayak the world with dog

source: elitedaily