Have A Headache Or Even A Migraine? Add This 1 Ingredient To Lemon Water And Watch It Disappear [VIDEO]

Headaches or even migraines can totally ruin your day. Any plans of accomplishing anything at that moment will suddenly come to a halt as the pain of your head hurting completely takes control over your what you hoped to be a productive day.

Sure you can try Tylenol, Advil or other types of over-the-counter pain relievers, but some may not be effective and if overused can be harmful to your body.

Fortunately, mother nature herself has an all-natural solution that cures migraines and headaches without the side effects of the over-the-counter meds.

It’s very easy to make and only requires these 3 ingredients:

  • one cup of water
  • one whole juiced lemon
  • two teaspoons of Himalayan sea salt

This migraine busting concoction is full of all the nutrients your body needs to eliminate the headache and carry on with your day. It also rehydrates your body and everyone benefits from this all-natural drink!

Please share this amazing migraine busting formula with everyone you know.