Damn, At Only 33yrs Old, This Kid Has Balls Exposing Political Corruption In Delaware, We Salute You, Mark Shotwell!

Thanks to the ACLU, independent privacy researchers, and journalists, the iron wall of state secrecy surrounding local police deployments of Stingray cell phone surveillance is slowly melting away.

First off, if you’re not familiar with what Stingray is, here’s a short video describing it:

Now that you are familiar with this once kept secret technology, let’s dive deeper with a software program called CelleBrite.

The high-tech device works with 3000 different phone models and can bypass passwords to process “Complete extraction of existing, hidden, and deleted phone data, including call history, text messages, contacts, images, and geotags,” according to CelleBrite, the company behind the device. “The Physical Analyzer allows visualization of both existing and deleted locations on Google Earth. In addition, location information from GPS devices and image geotags can be mapped on Google Maps.”

“A US Department of Justice test of the CelleBrite UFED used by Michigan police found the device could grab all of the photos and video off of an iPhone within one-and-a-half minutes.”

A local resident of Delaware, Mark Shotwell, has somehow obtained a FULL CelleBrite report and the data it shows is absolutely mind-blowing. He started a website to raise awareness of the technology that is violating the constitutional rights of all Americans.

Click Here To See The Leaked Documents

The data gathered from even innocent citizens is absolutely mind staggering. Please SHARE this to raise awareness!!