Mom Waits For Son With Autism To Speak In School Play – Teacher Snatches The Mic From Him


Who doesn’t remember being a part of the school plays and recitals? It was always a big day for kids and parents alike. The students whose parents could take time off of work to be there were always the luckiest.

Moms and dads got to see their little ones take the stage, and children got to hear their parents rooting for them. West Virginia mother Amanda Riddle was looking forward to 6-year-old son Caleb’s big Thanksgiving play.

Caleb had a few lines and was really excited to perform that day. However, when Caleb went to deliver his final lines, before he could say them, the teacher came up and took the mic from him.

She went up and she snatched that microphone from him,” Amanda told Inside Edition.

Caleb shrieked and began to cry on stage in front of his peers. Amanda was heartbroken. She couldn’t believe her son’s moment was taken away. He was going to say, “gobble, gobble,” to close the play. However, the school insists that the play was over and Caleb didn’t have any more lines.

What would it have hurt to give him a few extra seconds to say ‘gobble, gobble’?” The mother said. “He was up there crying, saying ‘oh no!’ and my heart broke to watch that.”

Nevertheless, the administration feels they could have handled things better.

The program was over and the teacher had taken the microphone without malice. If we had to do it again, probably we all agree that we would have done it a little differently,” the superintendent said.

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