Street Dog On The Brink Of Death, This Couple Found Her And Brought Her To Life Again

This is the most incredible transformation we’ve ever seen. Although the dog looks stunning now, here are the pictures that show her going from sure death, to a healthy and vibrant pup:

It didn’t take long to track the poor dog down. She was clearly in a lot of pain.

If the dog had any hope of survival, she’d need immediate medical care.

street dog 2

As you can see, her time on the streets took a dangerous toll on her health.

street dog 3


Even though she was nearly crippled after months of neglect, the strong pup did her best to regain her strength.

street dog 4


She had a long road ahead, but her determination inspired rescuers to name her Khaleesi.

street dog 5


Once she was strong enough, they gave Khaleesi her first bath.

street dog 6


Even though she’d known nothing but heartache, she welcomed affection from the strangers that would quickly become her friends.

street dog 7


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