This Teen Had Severe Back Pain For Months, But One Trip To The Chiropractor Changed His Life [VIDEO]

At just 17-years-old, Muntathar Altaii can tell you a little bit more about losing something we take for granted than you might think.

While working away, trying to remove an old tree stump from the ground, Altaii made a mistake. Remember those old, “lift from the knees, not the back,” quotes? Well that has legitimacy for those that didn’t know. While trying to remove the stump he messed up his back, and bad.

Altaii was diagnosed with kyphosis shortly thereafter, a back curvature so insane it causes a very noticeable rounding of your torso. Basically, he turned into what is commonly referred to as a “hunchback.” The biggest problem with this isn’t the looks however, no when it comes to kyphosis the main issue is the severe, debilitating pain that can come with it. Altaii was no exception. Along with nonstop, excruciating pain, he could no longer even feel his left leg.

Daily life became a struggle, and everything a 17-year-old boy should be doing, he could no longer do. He couldn’t even do it half-assed, because he would have to physically lift his leg in order to use it to walk. Even then, that’s if he’s able to even get out of bed that day.

Not knowing what else to do, or where else to turn to, Altaii and his family turned to Gonstead Chiropractic in Australia. No one in his country would even touch him, fearing they’d only make it worse. That’s how bad it was.

Somehow, in just ten days he makes an incredible transformation! Honestly if you’re not a believer in what chiropractors can really do for you, check this out!

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