Unmarried Woman Gets Flowers at Work Then Her Office Finds Out About Her Husband…

A woman at the office saw them delivered to her desk. The name on the “From” tag left her speechless …

Kayla Miller shares a heartwarming story in a Facebook post by Love What Matters that shows the true meaning of everlasting love. When she saw these flowers delivered to a fellow co-worker, it was like a movie scene clipped straight out of P.S. I Love You.

Her husband died two years ago, but the preparations he made to make sure his sweetheart would feel forever cherished will just melt you to pieces. Her post reads:

“I got to witness a real-life P.S. I Love You story. These flowers were delivered to work today for a lady I work with. They are from her husband who passed away two years ago. Every holiday/birthday since his passing she has been receiving flowers, presents and jewelry from him. Before he passed he lined all of this up for her so she wouldn’t feel alone on those days that would be the hardest to spend apart. I am sharing this story not only because it’s amazing and it warms my heart, but to show girls that true love is real. You don’t have to settle for someone because you think no one else will love you. You don’t have to put up with being cheated on or lied to or being talked down to. You are a prize to be won, and there is someone out there that will love you forever and even through the afterlife. I hope this brightens your day and P.S. I Love You.”

Photo courtesy of Kayla Miller

Well there you have it flower-petaled proof that true love doesn’t die with the body. How unbelievably sweet is that?! Be sure to share this with your friends if you were as touched by this beautiful story as we were! source: faithit