VIDEO: If I Ever Filmed My Wife Doing THIS, I Would Be Divorced In Seconds. HOW EMBARRASSING…

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April Fools’ Day was not too long ago, and many people took the time to “celebrate” by tricking their friends, family, classmates, and coworkers.

This fun tradition often can just be for fun, and nobody gets hurt. A good April Fools’ joke should be lighthearted and in good nature. It should not be harmful. However, this YouTuber may have taken pranking a little too far.

John, from the YouTube channel “Pranksters in Love,” decided on April Fools’ Day to get back at his significant other, Nikki, after she super-glued a hat to his head four years prior.

Their channel is full of prank videos, so this prank was not necessarily out of the blue. In return for gluing his hat to his head, John super-glued Nikki to a toilet.

She had to go to the bathroom very badly, so she did not pay attention to the toilet seat, which she assumed was normal and glue-free. However, John had applied superglue to the toilet seat before-hand.

Nikki then tried to get up, but was completely stuck. Instead of helping her, John stood there and laughed at her. He mocked her by telling her to “get off the pot.”

Nikki asked for nail polish remover, which could counteract the glue, but John refused. Nikki eventually started to rip her skin from the toilet seat, which must have been excruciating.

All of this was documented by John, who hid a video camera in the bathroom. Their young daughter was also there to watch, but probably did not have any idea what was going on.

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