A Woman Tried to Put a U.S. Soldier In His Place, What Happened Next Will Leave You Smiling

Update: Over the weekend, our Facebook page was commented on by U.S. Navy sailor Aaron Lesseski and his fiancee, claiming that a fake “soldier” had stolen his story.


After getting in contact with Aaron Lesseski and confirming that the post was originally about his personal experience, we’ve included his original post below. We have nothing but respect for his service to this country, and we’re glad to see Aaron’s story is getting the recognition it deserves.



Whether liberals want to admit it or not, there’s still a current war going on against our own service members here in America. The blatant disrespect some people have for those who serve our country is absolutely disgusting.

A military veteran who had served two tours in Afghanistan (and is still on active duty) went to a restaurant and happened to ask the cashier if they offered any discounts to military personnel.

We’ll let the soldier’s Facebook post tell the rest of this heartwarming story:


Share his story as a message to all anti-military people that we will NEVER stop supporting our troops!

soldier at mcdonaldssource: twitchy